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New York - Chef Daniel Orr introduces 10 spice blends (7 blends and a Brittany Salt) that bring big flavors to any dish without adding additional fat. Daniel Orr’s Kitchen d’Orr Spice Blends are available, The Conran Shop (New York City), and by mail order Prices reasonably at $5 each.

Daniel's 2 newest blends are extremely popular: Outdoor d'Orr BBQ blend and his Anguillian jerk blend.

Orr’s Spice Blends are:

Aux Poivres Aux Poivres. A mix of six different peppers with coriander.
Regime Blend A blend of coriander, mustard, and star anise with selected spices and peppers.
Sweet Spices An exotic blend of pomegranate, fennel, star anise, ginger, annatto, bay leaves and other spices.
Russian Red Fennel, annatto and caraway with a light touch of cinnamon, star anise and cayenne.
Greek Garlic Rub A combination of garlic, peppers and fennel.
Mellow Yellow Turmeric, cardamom, coriander with fennel and mustard seeds, saffron, pepper, orange and spices.
Mediterranean Blend A medley of herbs with parsley and shallots, rosemary, thyme and a touch of garlic.
  Brittany Salt From Brittany, France, slightly grey in color, it tastes wonderfully of the sea.
Outdorr BBQ All you need is a piece of meat, a bit of fire and a jar of Outdorr BBQ and you’ll have mouthwatering meal whether you’re in the backyard or a coldwater flat on the Lower East Side. This blend is perfect for Texas-style dry rub or on any grilled meat, seafood or poultry. But don’t save it just for the grill, use it in more unexpected ways like sautéed pork cutlets or pan-seared quail. I love doing BBQ’d almonds and even oven-baked chicken wings with Stilton dip and scallions. You don’t have to be outdoors to use Outdorr BBQ.

Daniel Orr’s cooking style combines classical techniques with a vibrant, health-minded approach. His use of these unique spice blends with green market and organic produce and farm-raised meats, poultry, and fish has become the hallmark of Orr’s cooking.

Growing up in the small Midwestern town of Columbus, Indiana, Orr obtained an early appreciation for food from his parents. Eventually Orr decided to turn his passion into his career. In 1985, he graduated from Johnson & Wales University’s culinary arts programs and headed to Europe to begin his “culinary finishing school.” Orr worked at Auberge des Templiers, Le Priere, and at Restaurant Dauguin in Auch, and at two Michelin 3-Star restaurants, L’Esperance in Saint Pere sous Vezelay and Restaurant Bruneau in Brussels. Returning to the United States, Orr became the executive chef at New York’s La Grenouille where he stayed for 5 years before opening Guastavino’s.

At Guastavino's Chef Daniel Orr was the Executive Chef and General Manager for 4 years before leaving for Anguilla at CuisinArt Resort & Spa. The Chef now plans on taking America by storm with a series of healthy fast casual restaurants. And duplicating the wonderful cuisine of the islands with his signature flare (see new projects). Orr also writes articles for newspapers and magazines and has several book and TV projects underway.

Also planned is a Caribbean restaurant where he will duplicate the wonderful cuisine of the islands with his signature flare.




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